Welcome to GSB Bengals.

We have always had a moggie or two in the house, the general demeanour and attitude that cats have, has been a constant source of fascination to us. In early 2008, we decided that we would like a pedigree cat and spent ages researching different breeds, our searching just kept bringing us back to the Bengal breed.

Our first Bengal - a beautiful boy, Tigerkatz Silverdreamz, to be known by the name of Tigger or Tigs, came to us at 17 weeks old, purr crazy, a terror to our ginger tom, totally barmy and completely captivating! The wonderful lady who had bred him (Susanna Adams of Tigerkatz Bengals) suggested that we may like to try breeding...we thought about it (a lot!) and wound up buying Tigs a harem of 5 girls!!! 2 of the girls were beautiful, brown sisters, Susie and Sassie, and 3 unrelated girls from Linda at Geolynz Bengals; a silver girl called Florrie, and 2 wonderful browns, Penny and Sophie.

This gang produced some wonderful kittens and all have now been retired and are now living in forever homes.  Our Bengal breeding family has now grown, we have new studs and queens and have retained a number of home-bred kittens.  We have very high hopes for the future breeding of these kittens. We have to thank Pauline at Asara Bengals for allowing us to have Churchill, who is a wonderful, sweet natured boy.

Special thanks must go to Carol and Andrew Hebden of Eriador Cats for all the help, support and consideration they have given us.  Also for being prepared to let us have our new stud boy "Jinx", 
he is a real purr bug, has a super-soft pelt, gorgeous rosettes and a superb temperament.

Tigs is now retired and living the good life at Byezira Bengals, we wish to thank him for introducing us to the wonderful world of Bengals!

To say that we have been, and continue to be, enthralled by these intelligent, talkative, engaging, attitude filled, beautiful creatures is an understatement. Like humans, each has their own personality, likes, dislikes and temperament. It is a real privilege to be owned by them and we look forward to many more years of joy, new litter excitement, purrs, cuddles and unquestioned devotion!